[VIDEO] How I plan my code tasks? Code review for data streaming pipeline for URL validation and fetching. — Kanan Rahimov

Kanan Rahimov
1 min readJan 2, 2021

I started this video as a review of my previous day — part of the January Coding Challenge. But in the end, I started covering code review topics for my ETL pipeline for fetching and processing URLs. I also cover how I plan my coding tasks, how I use GitHub issues and projects for keeping track of future and current features.

In this video post, I will cover the following topics.

Coding parts:

  1. Code review of data streaming pipeline for fetching URLs, compressing its data, and saving for further processing.
  2. Use of URL parser to get text, image, link information from the web-page (demo).
  3. Also, I discuss open tasks for marking processed URLs for further indexing.

Non-coding parts:

  1. Review of previously finished tasks.
  2. How I use GitHub issues and projects to manage work on my research project.

Originally published at https://kananrahimov.com on January 2, 2021.