Upload File via REST API Controller — Spring Boot Tutorial

Kanan Rahimov
4 min readAug 16, 2023

In this video, I explain how to upload and process files using Spring Boot and REST Controller.

File Upload with Spring Boot / Java


  • Controller to process a file upload request
  • Model for accepting a file and returning the response
  • Configuration for media type: multipart/form-data

You can also watch this video with navigatable transcription text:

It is also available via YouTube.


In modern web applications, file uploading is a standard functionality that can be easily implemented using Spring Boot and REST API. In this article, we’ll discuss creating a Spring Boot application to upload files, including details about project structure, controllers, and services, and testing the functionality through Postman. We’ll use an example from an actual project to understand the process.

Project Structure

In the Spring Boot project structure, all relevant parts have been updated under one package, including the newly created file package. The idea of this package is to provide features for uploading files and managing files. This includes the generic file controller, where more operations for file editing will be introduced later. The endpoint for the operation is exposed at v1 (version 1) / file one file, and it includes one post-mapping method called upload.

File Controller

The file controller method accepts two parameters: the file itself, of type, and a name, which is just a string. It utilizes an FileUploadRequest object to process the file and name. The request configuration involves setting up the post-mapping to consume a multipart form of data value and produce a JSON value.

package com.appbaza.nest.nestservice.core.file;

import com.appbaza.nest.nestservice.core.file.model.FileUploadRequest;