Starting the journey to become Mentor for new Python developers and Core Developer for Python/CPython

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This journey now raised into the exciting Python Mentorship 2.0 program. It’s already started. Please check it out.

With this story I start my journey to become Mentor for new Python developers and Core Developer for Python language. It is very important to me because of the following reasons:

  1. I feel that I need it!
    probably most important one, I really feel that it is mine and I can do it
  2. I love Python and community around it
    but to be honest Python is not the only reason, Python is widely used and combination of all the communities (eg. Django, data science libraries, etc) is really very exiting
  3. I want to be an expert in this area
    yes! I want to develop for Python as well as with Python, but by that I mean that I have a lot to improve and much to learn

About Python Core Developer

That is a long term goal for me. I do understand that this can take months or even years. But I will start with spending at least 1-2 hours per day exploring changes, issues and other community activities to have context and vision on what is going on. Then, perhaps after some time I will be able to start with contribution. I am not sure which topic or module it will be, I have interest in several parts of Python. First commits probably will be minor and very easy issues.

I am planning to share all gather information online. I hope this will help other enthusiasts like me to follow all the steps.

To get minimal knowledge on how to start I checked following links:

  1. Started with this: Python Developer’s Guide.
  2. There is very useful Guide Table calked ”contributing” — if you are interested bookmark it as you will back to this table very often.
  3. How to Become a Core Developer.
  4. Then checked Expert’s Index and Core Developer Motivations and Affiliations.
  5. Checked who recently joined as a Core Developer and read some blog posts about them. My big congratulations to Lisa Roach and Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel. Hope one day I also will be in this list.
  6. Reviewed contributor agreements (you need to sign it first time you contribute to Python)
  7. Learned more about Development Cycle
  8. And finally checked this: Python Core Mentorship

Subscribed to following mailing list:

  1. python-dev
    primary mailing list for discussions about Python’s development
  2. python-ideas
    publicly discuss ideas on changing Python
  3. python-list
    community opinion on ideas and topics before posting in appropriate channel
  4. python-help
    support discussions
  5. python-committers
    private mailing list for core developers but archive is publicly available, staff which affects only core developers discussed here
  6. python-checkins
    email for each commit to Python’s various repositories and their further discussions
  7. tutor
    general python questions

Links to each mailing list you can find here and here.

Besides all of this I started checking issue tracker and CPython’s PRs. Most of important updates are really challenging for me. Basically it means I need to dive deeper and learn more.

About Mentoring

I already started mentoring few years ago and I’d say it still continues. But it is quite “local” and people around me. Few months ago I have tried to do it online with “random” people and it was a quite terrible idea. Mostly because of my approach. I announced about it via Facebook Python groups and audience was not well selective.

With a new approach I will be more patient and selective. Probably will start with people around me. Main criteria I think will be enthusiasm and long term plan for Python.

If you are interested in learning Python you contact me. Do not forget to add some information about yourself and your technical background.

Looking forward to talk to you.

Software Engineer. Go and Python. Learning Rust.

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