Build a JSON API app with Node.js & Express.js — Step-by-step Guide

Kanan Rahimov
3 min readNov 2, 2020
How to Build a JSON API with Node.js?

In this video tutorial, my goal is to create an example Node.js backend API which can be used for React / Next.js projects. API will return a JSON response.

The thing is most of the parts of React / Next.js projects require working backend API so you can fetch data. It’s relatively easy to do so in Python or Golang. Usually with a few lines of code. In this coding session, I want to explore for myself if it is the same in Node.js.

Since it is a coding session and a video-post at the same time, on this page I will post the process, which might contain a lot of “progress content.” If you want to see the result and just a short explanation, jump to the end of the page.

Originally published at on November 2, 2020.

Part 1: Build a JSON API in Node.js

The coding part starts at 1:25.

In part 1, we create a very simple Node.js app with the following features: